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City of Omiš

Whichever direction you go from Omis, it’s only a matter of minutes before you reach a famous tourist destination. Less than 25 kilometers north of Omis is the second largest city in Croatia – Split, with its famous Diocletian’s Palace, close to Split is Trogir, a museum city and one of the few in the world whose entire historic core is under the highest level of UNESCO protection. And. Šibenik and Zadar are well-known tourist destinations, and many tourists from Omis go on day trips to the Krka National Park, which can be reached by the A1 motorway in less than two hours!

If you head north, the road will take you through the beautiful villages of Poljica all the way to the amazing natural phenomena located near the town of Imotski – Blue and Red Lakes.

Driving south is a unique experience in itself. Namely, there are not many places in the world where you can drive more than 200 kilometers right along the coast, and also one of the most indented in the world. Beaches, bays, beautiful views, small tourist places like Baska Voda, Makarska, Drvenik, Ploce, Metkovic, the islands of Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet, Trpanj, the Peljesac peninsula … All this will line up in front of you as you travel to the south where a truly unique award awaits you, the Croatian tourist pearl – Dubrovnik.

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Omiš beaches

South of the town of Omis, along the almost 20 km long coast stretches the Omis Riviera with numerous small villages and fishing villages located just a few meters from the crystal clear sea that offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Beautiful Eye

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The source of the river Cetina.

About river Cetina

From the magnificent beginnings of the water source, at a height of 385 meters in the Dinara mountain to its humble end at the end of the road of 105 kilometers, the river Cetina flows into the Adriatic Sea, in the picturesque town of Omis.
Cetina offers many opportunities for active holidays in the almost untouched nature of the canyon of the river Cetina, which since 1963 enjoys the status of a protected natural landscape.
The whole area is rich in historical heritage; archaeologists have found traces of ashes from the Stone Age, through the Romans, … there is a legend about brave girl Mila Gojsalić, whose monument overlooks the “gates” of Omis.


Brave Heart

Mila Gojsalić

The legend of Mila Gojsalić

On the lookout point above the Cetina canyon, near Gata, the bronze figure of Mile Gojsalić looks at the mouth of the Cetina river and the town of Omiš.

An impressive legend has been passed down for generations about Mila Gojsalić. Although there are no archival confirmations or records about this Poljica legend, its character is strongly present in the people and Croatian art.

Tradition says that Mila Gojsalić lived in a time of great Turkish conquests. In 1530, the Turkish Ahmed Pasha gathered an army with the intention of conquering Poljica. He set up camp in Podgrac in Gati. A young girl from Poljica, Mila from the Gojsalić family, was forcibly brought to Ahmed Pasha’s tent. Before dawn, as she was leaving the tent, she pulled out a torch and managed to enter the gunpowder warehouse with it and set it on fire. She died with Ahmed Pasha and numerous Turkish soldiers.

The event, it is said, surprised and frightened the remaining Turkish army. Then the people of Poljica attacked the Turks and defeated them. Her heroism, which enabled the people of Poljica to defend their hearths, has not been forgotten.

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