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Signum tra is a young tourist agency founded with the aim of offering tourists the best natural beauty of Sinj and Cetina region.

Rich local gastronomic offer, plenty of cultural and traditional sights, natural beauties and a long-standing history that at least for a moment revitalize all this, is just what makes this region unique and special.

We can offer you different programs with expert tourist guidance, all in agreement with you and according to your individual wishes, free time, number of persons or some other requirements.

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Alka of Sinj


Alka of Sinj is a knight game that is held every year, the first Sunday in August, in honor of saint protector of Sinj, for victory over the Turkish invaders. For Alka ceremonies, preparations begin four months before Alka, when exercising for knights and horses. Approximately 15 days before Alka, so-called “forearm tests” begin at the Alka racetrack where the knigts are preparing for the Alka ceremony. According to ancient customs before Alka itself, two general tests were held: Bara (two days before Alka) and Čoja (one day before Alka). On the day of Alka, early morning from the fortress of Stari grad, so-called “mačkule” are being shoot while at the same time city music passes through the main streets of the city and plays the “wake-up music”. The whole city is decorated with flags and flowers. It can be said that this is the day when this town really revives its long-standing history.



In the valley of the river Cetina, at the foot of Kamešnica, is the town of Sinj. It belongs administratively to the Split-Dalmatia County. It is 320 meters above sea level and has a continental climate. With its natural beauties and rich history it certainly stands out among other towns in the Dalmatian hinterland.

Kamičak fortress


Kamičak fortress was built in 1712 on a hill in the center of Sinj, from where it offers a beautiful view of the city. At the top of the fort there is an hour tower that used to be a observation tower from of the Sinj field. In the tower is also built a bridge that is associated with the bell at the top. At the top of the bells it is written in the Latin “A fulgore et tempestate the free nose of the Domine” which means “From the thunder and the evil of time liberate us from the Lord, withdrawing the old folk belief that the bell rings the clouds and the hail.”

Old town


The old town is the remains of a medieval fortress on the high above the town of Sinj, from which there is not much left. However, the church built in 1887 on the very top of the hill is perfectly preserved and is a symbol of the vow, the covenant and the loyalty of the people of Sinj to their saint protector, Our Lady of Sinj. Along with the church on top of the Old Town, since 2008, there is a bronze statue of Our Lady of Sinj, a work of academician sculptor Josip Marinović.



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