Bent glass

Bent glass for vehicles, ships and boats

We are producing bent glass for all types of vehicles. This includes old-timers and armored vehicles, trains, ships, boats and other various working machinery. All bent glasses, if needed, are laminated which ensures that, in case of breakage, stays in one peace. We also offer tinted glass and black enameled offset.
These edges improve the adhesion and UV protection of polyurethane (which is mostly used to bond glass and frame). Flat tempered and laminated glass is also available.

Bent glass for buildings and constructioning

In our offer you can find:

Bent one-layered glass
Bent laminated safety glass
Bent safety insulated glass
Convex glass

Bent one-layered glass is very suitable for furnishing and decorating interiors. It is used for glass furniture, various stands and counters, tabletops, doors for various cabinets, shades for lighting fixtures, aquariums, etc.

Bent laminated safety glass does not burst into pieces when broken. This glass is used in buildings which need to have certain safety, anti burglar or impenetrable elements. It is also used for railings, separating walls, panoramic elevators, semicircular automatic doors, rotating doors, canopies, various stands, etc.

Bent safety insulated glass has all properties of bent laminated safety glass, with the addition of heat insulation. Its primary intended uses are structural facades, glass domes, semicircular entrances, winter gardens, shop windows (jewelries, hotels, boutiques…), etc.

Convex glass can be of various shapes and dimensions. We recommend a single convex glass not to be bigger than 500 x 500 mm. For multi-convected glass the recommended size is up to 800 x 1200 mm with a thickness of 6 mm. These dimensions are best for aesthetics and the effect of the convection is most distinguished.