Flat glass

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is processed by thermal treatments and controlled cooling.
This makes it extraordinary strong and resistant.
In the case of breakage this glass crumbles into small pieces with dull edges, and thereby prevents injury.
Tempered glass cannot be processed further (cut, bent, grinded or drilled).

There is a possibility of spontaneous breakage of tempered glass.
To counter this, a “heat soak” test is recommended.
In the case of successfully tested glass, spontaneous breakage is eliminated.

Grinding, drilling and cutting

For the grinding and polishing of regular shapes, a vertical grinder for straight edges is used. The thickness of the glass can be between 3 and 40 mm.

The grinding and polishing of irregular shaped edges is performed by a semi automatic irregular edge grinding machine. The diameter of the processed glass has to be between 100 and 2100 mm.

Using a CNC machine and laser read templates; we are able to provide our customers maximum precision in cutting regular and irregular shapes.

These shapes can be cut with sizes up to 2600 x 3210 mm and thickness from 2 to 19 mm. The minimal tolerance is +0,2 mm.

Fire glass

We offer flame retardant glass for furnaces, fireplaces and lids. Our glass is heat resistant up to 760°C.

Our product is a transparent glass-ceramic with an extremely high resistance to high temperature as well as temperature differences.