Glass procesing services


Using a CNC machine and laser read templates, we are able to provide our customers maximum precision in cutting regular and irregular shapes. These shapes can be cut with sizes up to 2600 x 3210 mm and thickness from 2 to 19 mm. The minimal tolerance is +0,2 mm.

Grinding of edge

The grinding and polishing of irregular shapes is performed by a semi automatic irregular edge grinding machine.
The grinding and polishing of regular shapes is accomplished by using a vertical grinder for straight sides. This enables processing glass with up to 40 mm in thickness.


By using a two sided drilling technique we ensure high precision. The diameter of holes can be between 3 and 100 mm.

Glass Bending

By heating the glass, controlled cooling and using individual and precise moulds, we ensure that our bent glass is of extraordinary quality. The maximum size is 2200 x 4900 mm.


Laminated glass is built from two, or more, sheets of glass with the same or a different thickness. It is held together by a safety interlayer. After processing, a strong unity is made. Laminated glass is used, among other things, for canopies, glass roofs, multilayer floor glass, railings, staircases and sound control windows (which provide acoustic insulation). The maximum available size is 2500 x 4900 mm.


Serigraphy is the technique of applying ceramic color to the glass surface. With a wide choice of colors, decorations and glass crystals we are able to fulfill the most individual wishes of our clients. The maximum size of the glass can be up to 1150 x 1850 mm. The thickness is not limited.

UV bonding

Using this technology we are able to perform the most demanding glass bonds. This includes bonds in various angles as well as glass and metal bonding. The resulting bond is transparent and extraordinary solid.