Glass with print

Single tempered and non tempered glass with a digital print

Single tempered and non tempered glass with a digital print is used as wall cover in kitchens and other rooms. They can be also used as details in interior decorations and in furniture. The advantage of glass as wall coverings is the aspect which gives the room a simple elegance ant it is easy to maintain.

The technology we use allows endless design possibilities. We use a special film to take charge of digital print in 16 million colors. After that, printed film is with high temperature, merged with a safety interlayer and the glass sheet.
This technology can also be used on bent glasses on reception desks and bars. This is an ideal replacement for Lacobel glasses, which are limited to only a few colors. A tempered variation of Lacobel glass does not even exist.
Printed glass can be a decorative element in furniture (for example in cabinet doors where it is glued on underlying plywood). Being only 3 mm thin the glass makes the whole set lighter. The maximum size is 1270 x 4900 mm.

Laminated glass with a digital print

Laminated glass with a digital print gives our customers a selection of motives on windows, doors, desks, separating walls and various panels. The motive or picture is put between two plies of glass and protected from damage. It is available in multilayer, tempered, non tempered, anti-burglar and “sound control” option.
This kind of the glass can be applied in churches, private residences, offices and work spaces as well as restaurants, bars, etc. The maximum available size is 1270 x 4900 mm.

Glass ornament with digital prints

Glass ornament with digital prints offers the ability to create unique souvenirs possible, and add a personal note to a room or an object. We produce statues, cups, clocks, standing frames, logos on cups, glasses, jars, etc.

Enameled glass for doors

Enameled glass for doors is manufactured by using serigraphy, which enables us to put complex motives on glass. Used color is usually an imitation of sandblasted or satin glass, and maintenance is extremely easy. Use of glass crystals in various colors, baked onto the glass surface, we can get a product of the unique look.

Enameled glass is made in such a way that paint is burned into the glass surface at high temperature. This color is permanently associated with the glass, which means that it can not be chemically or mechanically removed. It can be produced in flat or curved variant. Maximum dimension 1150 x 1850 mm.